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One of the hardest things in Product management is to get the Team to rally behind the product vision. Not just rally, but to impart the same enthusiasm and belief into the minds of the creators that you have for the future of the product.

I find it especially hard to do with offshore or outsourced teams who are physically away from the action.

I mean, sure, you can talk your heart out about why what they're doing is the next best thing after slice bread, but that would border-line on eating their ear off on the same damn thing day-in/day-out.

Instead, try this - don't force them to align themselves to your thoughts. Instead, align them to the problems you face. All the while keeping a happy, fun oriented outlook towards the future.

I like to start the meetings with a bit of a banter - preferably at my expense, without diluting my value. It should come off as humble, rather than self-deprecating. Pay attention to whether they're laughing at your or with you.

If participation through conversation is a problem, there is no one clear solution. Sometimes they're not invested, or worse, they are but don't have anything to say. That's alright. Let them be. Forcing those folks to talk for the sake of talking is problematic.

Instead, shower praises, help solutioning and get them to talk about their craft. I like to give out silly technical solutions just to get them to say, No, that's wrong - and I chime in with - That's why we have you! Once that's established, you'll find them more responsive.

Folks who're not invested? Eh... don't break your head in trying to get them invested. They'll either get invested through social dynamics (everyone else in their team is invested, they're not), or they'll continue to work. Either way, treat them as you would any other person in the org. No special treatments needed.

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