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The Vision Formula

A product's vision is a function of the combined leadership's experience & their imagination. Simply put:

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i.e. Your product can only go as high as the experiences your leadership has, and is limited by the imagination of the leadership. And not in the combined sort of way, but from an individual leader point of view.

Each person in your leadership stack has some experiences, which allow them to imagine a future. However, as a group, what I've found is that those with the right experiences can convince the rest that a future aligned to that experience is possible, but the least imaginative person in the leadership stack is likely to be unconvinced and hence, your product might be limited due to it.

Why is this true? Simple - imagination allows you to construct experiences, which needs to draw from experience. You cannot fathom a Nth dimension without first establishing the presence of (N-1)th dimension.

Try this out as an experiment - when your leaders speak on the vision, are they talking about the experiences they had, or the future that's yet unseen?

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